Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Who can enroll?

We have music courses for students beginning at age 2-to Adults. Classes for Children, teens and adults available as well.


2.) Do I or my child need prior music experience to enroll?

No prior experience is required or necessary.


3.) Do you teach any other instruments?

Yes, but the other instruments are only taught in injunctions with the piano courses. Students must test into the other instruments for ages 6- 10. They can start other instruments at age 10 and up. (Piano, Voice, Brass, Woodwind, String and Composing classes)


4.) Do you offer a music assessments and introductory music class?

Yes, a Music Assessment or Introductory classes are available for interested students on Saturdays at 2:30pm. Sign-up for a class on our website or Contact the office 770-629-2229 for class times and fees.



5.) How long is each course?

Each course varies in duration ranging from 12 months to forever. We encourage lifelong music education, so it is our endeavor to help student progress in their music education throughout a lifetime.


6.) How often are the classes held?

Classes are once a week. Class times range from 30-45 minutes.


7.) How many students are in a class?

The maximum is 10 students for group courses.


8.) What is the class schedule?

Typically classes run during the school year August through May. Summer and holidays breaks are given, check the school calendar for listings.


9.) How do students advance and complete the courses? Different courses have a certain number of books with varying degrees of difficulty in teaching music concepts and skills. Students are tested at the end of each book to determine if they advance. Generally, once a student has successfully tested out of each book they graduate from the course. 


10.) As a parent how much am I involved?

Parent attendance is required for student’s ages 2-6. For ages 7 and up, parents are encouraged to attend full classes periodically. Parents are expected to come into the class during the last 5 minutes to hear and receive homework, practice tips and announcements. 


11.) How can I monitor my child’s progress?

Progress reports are given throughout the school year. Parents are expected to also check weekly homework assignments.


12.) What do I do if I have questions or concerns for the teacher or school director?

Our school opens at 1:00 pm Monday – Thursday and on Saturdays at 9:00 am. Summer Hours are by appointment only.


13.) I or my child have taken private lessons in the past; can they still enroll in the school?

Yes, children who have previously taken private lessons will have to take an music assessment test to determine which education program would be best suited for them.


14.) What happens if a student is absent or misses a class? It is the parent’s responsibility to request homework for absences at on our website ( The same applies for teens or adult students. We do not provide automatic make-up classes as a general standard. The teacher will assess whether a make-up class is needed for a student. If make-up classes are requested, additional fees may apply.


15.) Are siblings allowed in class?

No, siblings are not allowed in class when in session.

During class siblings can sit in the waiting room where there is television, coloring books and more are available. Parents are responsible for monitoring.

Exception: Infants under 1 years old can be in class. If infants become restless or noisy a parent must discretely move into the lobby or waiting room.


16.) How much does the course cost?

We see it as an investment, not a cost. Our classes and lessons for ages 2-12 range from $14-$45. Classes and lessons for Teen and Adults range from $25 to $60.


17.) What is the billing process?

Tuition is paid prior to the start of classes. Customers can pay for the full year, 2 times a year or 4 times a year.


18.) Are there discounts if I enroll more than 1 child? Family tuition discounts are given if 3 or more siblings are enrolled. The 3rd child receives 15% off tuition. For 2 siblings you only pay a one-time family enrollment fee.


19.) Do you offer referral incentives?

Yes, we appreciate our customers sharing with others about our school. For each person you refer who enrolls, you will receive discount off your tuition. You must have a student currently enrolled to receive the referral incentive. Referral applies to enrolled adult students referring others as well. 


20.) What is your cancellation policy?

Tuition payments are non-refundable. If you wish to discontinue any music course we ask for a courtesy of a four- week notice. Tuition credits can be given for a specific period of time. An early termination fee may be applied for cancelling.